Can't Decide....

Sometimes I have clients that ask me to change certain little details in their photos.  I usually (if I can) make these small changes.  Here is a case where mommy didn't know which color she wanted.  But they ALL turned out so cute I can understand how hard the choice would be!


I had an AMAZING time photographing this little 6 month old beauty!  The theme was all girl.  A few of the photos were taken in her maternal grandmothers wedding dress.  She was so sweet!  And to end the shoot, we even got a peek at the little tooth that's sprouting up!  I just love these photos!  Enjoy!


I was cleaning up old pictures when I came across this one!  So I thought I would share it with all of you since its one of my favorites.  Most will recognize this as damage from hurricane Sandy.  This was the roller coaster that was shown afterwards to much of the country.  Luckily enough I had a press pass and was able to go on the beach and take this now iconic moment in time!  Enjoy!

bw coaster.jpg

365 - Day 14 - Drink you love

Once again a very easy topic for me!  I usually will be drinking ice tea during my day.  But that is not the drink I love!  It's usually just the drink I have.  I'm a fan of my "umbrella" type drinks.  Alcoholic or non.... doesn't matter!  So when in Hawaii I drank the BEST coconut slushy type drink ever!  It could be made to be alcoholic but at the rate I was sucking them down I would never remember being there if I drank them like that.  So for safety sake I stuck with my virgin coconut slushy drink!  (I'm sure there was a proper name for them but it escapes my mind)

This photo was taken by my husband by the pool at our hotel.  Pretty much sums up my relaxing time!  oh, and the nachos didn't hurt either!!

Feb 5.jpg

365 - Day 13 - Place you love

Absolutely a quick decision with this one!  HAWAII  My husband took me on a trip there about 2 years ago and it was an instant love.  The sunsets were breath taking.  Pictures of them came out beautiful but still could never capture the actual beauty of it all.  It is something you just have to experience for yourself.  But till then you can enjoy a piece of it right here!  This was taken on Thanksgiving night.  We decided to attend a luau for our meal!  Truly a magical night. 

sunset wm.jpg

365 - Day 12 - Animal you love

I have 5... if you count 3 cats & 2 dogs.... or 10 if you add in the 5 fish... or if we counted the sea monkeys... oh boy!!!  BUT, since the animals can't read I will secretly let you all know that Mac is definitely the coolest animal we have!  (I'm sure, like my children, all will get their blog time!) 

Here are lots of pics of Mac!  It's the only way to actually tell you about him!  First, here the handsome man is!


Mac is the alpha animal in this house.  Most times putting our poor dogs in line.  I never understand, as the dogs could swallow him in one gulp!!  But when he is not keeping order, he is the snuggliest (yes I made up this word) cat ever! These are iPhone photos so quality isn't great! Just hang in there!!

feb 3.jpg
feb 3g.jpg

Mac is a lover of many holidays!  Especially Christmas and Dr Seuss day... but what cat doesn't enjoy The Cat in the Hat?!

feb 3b.jpg
feb 3c.jpg

Mac loves a great hockey game!  He totally prefers the Boston Bruins!

feb 3e.jpg

He loves to chip in and help out where ever he can!  Here he is making sure all his essentials are on a grocery list!

feb 3a.jpg

But it is no wonder that he is so helpful... He puts up the best food protest in this house by far!  (And yes, we feed him... probably way more regularly than our vet would like! In fact this is probably after he ate and he was to lazy and full to move!!)

feb 3f.jpg

Lastly, you know he is the coolest pet when others in your household start to try to be just like him!! 

feb 3d.jpg

365- Day 11 - Furniture you love

This was a hard topic!  I love all my furniture... who really puts furniture in their home they don't like?!  So I have to take a moment and browse through my home looking at things.  When I finished I pulled this picture off my iPhone!  I have to say I love my summer nights out in my adirondack chairs by the fire!  They were a gift from my bridal party at my shower and to this day my husband and I relax in them all the time!

Feb 2.jpg

365 - Day 10 First Love

Welcome to February... the month of love I guess as I look over my list for what is to come!  What comes to mind of your first love?  Your husband/significant other? No, I should go back more... First love in school? No, I should go back more!  I think everyone's first love is their parents or care taker.  Then extended family, friends, and then of course those to die for loves you have in every grade of school!!  (well maybe not every grade but you get the picture!)

 Recently my oldest had a school project that we went back and looked at old pictures of him.  I'm going to take my first love blog about that/him.  There is no explanation for that love of holding your first baby.  The first time you realize your a mom and actually have this little life that your responsible for!  It's all overwhelming and surely doesn't come with a how to book!!  Now I must say I love all my other little ones just the same when I saw them.  But the added bonus of becoming a mom for that first time boosts him to the first love.   

Now this is not one of my photos that I took (wish I could have been that clever to photograph my own baby being born but I'm just not that savvy!) So credit for this photo goes out to my sister Holly!  Although she cut off my head and there is some object in the corner.... It's a great capture of the moment!!  It's also a disclaimer on why we should hire photographers to capture these things!!!!  Shameless plug for me I know!! 


365 - Day 9 - On a Bench

When I saw this topic I instantly thought of this picture!  This was at one of our favorite summer hangouts... Point Pleasant, NJ. Time to introduce you to my 3 oldest children!  Aiden (9), Kezwick (12), and Maggie (8).  There is no shortage in entertainment with these 3!  In fact it is down right difficult to get a serious photo of these guys!  But I guess it's the age and partly the fault of the photographer mother always having a camera in their faces!!  All three are very good students, into extra activities, and are super helpers with the 2 little ones (which you will meet in another post I'm sure!)  Nothing to complain about here!  So for that, get up "on a bench" and give me your "best" pose!!!  Obviously they are horribly camera shy as well!  (They will probably be mortified that I have wrote a blog about them!) 

jan 24.jpg

365 - Day 8 - Dessert

FINALLY!!!  A topic I can really get into!  I was scrolling down on facebook and looking at all the things people post when I stumbled upon this awesome dessert that a friend posted.  I went out at 9pm to grab the ingredients (I should mention that I'm not crazy... I had to go out to pick up my son at scouts anyway!  The store was on the way!)  I secretly stayed up and made this quite easy cake!  Everyone (to include my husband) was so excited to eat this.  Definitely a BIG hit in this house!

Here is the link to the recipe!!  I used Bryers birthday cake and chocolate M&M for the two kinds of ice cream.  AND... I added sprinkles on top!

ENJOY! (we did!)

jan 23.jpg

365 - Day 7 - Tattered & Torn

This topic could have easily been anything in a day!  My kids ruin at least 100 things a day!  But they are 1yr & 2yr old boys.... so I'm crossing fingers its a phase?!  If not they will have successful futures on a wrecking ball crew!  

Today's pic is from this past fathers day!  The children take their dad to monster trucks every fathers day.  They truly believe this is what HE wants for fathers day!  Every year my husband (bless his heart) goes along with them and enjoys every moment!  Maybe this IS what he wants for fathers day?!  

Can't wait to surprise them next month... my husband is taking us to monster jam for valentines day!  Cause he believes this is what I want for our romantic day!! (see how this has come back around to bite me?!)  Guess I will get my "good sport face" on!  GO GRAVE DIGGER! (He's a truck right?!)  

jan 22.jpg

365- Day 6 - Hands

A child's hands are so many things!  They are sticky and messy most of the time but when they are not they are so small, caring, tender, and innocent!  So once again I get out of giving a picture of my hands to you.... maybe another month! 

The picture below was taken during a little girls First Communion session.  I love this picture!  It has been re-pinned on Pintrest many times.... leads me to believe "others" like this as well!  (Always a cool moment when a photographer realizes people really do like their work/ideas!)

On a side note!

I still have some availability this spring for any second graders making First Communion that would love a session with me!  Contact me and we will set up a perfect time and place!


365 - day 5 - Chocolate Chips

My last wedding of 2013 had the best hot chocolate bar!!  I had never seen this idea but it sure did look yummy!!!  Thinking of having a hot chocolate bar night with my kids!  All the options of things to put in it!  To of course include chocolate chips!

jan 20.jpg

365- Day 4 - A Palm

A palm.... where do people come up with these topics??!!  As I thought about breaking out the camera to take a picture of my dry winter hand, I thought wait a minute!!!  Lets twist this challenge!  Here is your "palm"!  Maybe we can all for a second wish we were somewhere were there were palms while this white fluffy stuff falls to the ground!  

Jan 19.jpg

365 - Day 3 Sunrise

There are preferred times when photographers love to shoot.  Sunrise is one of those times.  The lighting is so warm and beautiful.  I love a good sunset and sunrise... if I could wake up that early!!  I'm not a morning person most days.  Need a cup of coffee and a minute to get functioning!  This day I was up to drop my husband and step son at the airport in NYC.  So I took a detour over to the Brooklyn bridge, hiked up, and set up my camera to capture the sun coming up over the Manhattan bridge.  Then of course I hiked down and found some coffee!!

jan 18a.jpg
jan 18.jpg

365 - Day 2 On the Move

On the move could have been any of my children today!!!  BUT, why not bring back some summer night fun on a cold winter day?!  I took this at Point Pleasant during one of our many trips this past summer. I edited the sky in a bit as I had blown it out (made it white for all the non photo people here) but other than that it's my pic.  I find it neat/interesting! Ah summer.... can't wait!!!  


New year & New stuff!

I am FINALLY getting my new website complete!!  What a wonderful feeling it is to check off a goal you have for the new year!  This is also my FIRST (of hopefully many) blog!  ANOTHER check in the box for the new year!

Please check back... Daily!  I will be posting my 365 project here!  Take a second to peek into who I am!  I will also be posting some client sessions, tips for photography that have helped along the way, a recipe?, an art project?.... you just never know!  I have high hopes that this blog will be not only photography related.  I would like to reach out to so many and share more about myself... not just my photos!  

Happy New year 2014!!  LET'S GET STARTED!!!  Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything and you can always leave comments on things you may want me to post more about!  


365 - Day 1 Inside your closet

I got my list of 365 photo ideas from various lists off pintrest!  Who doesn't LOVE pintrest?!  Today is inside your closet.  At first I thought which closet?  Do they want the towel closet? my kids closet? How about my art closet?!  But then as I was in my closet tonight I happen to take notice at how "clean" my husband has been keeping his side!  (It really IS clean compared to a few months ago... in which you would be seeing a towel closet instead!! lol)  So as horrified as I am to post my closet... because lets face it, its a closet... where you hide EVERYTHING out of site...  Here it is!