New year & New stuff!

I am FINALLY getting my new website complete!!  What a wonderful feeling it is to check off a goal you have for the new year!  This is also my FIRST (of hopefully many) blog!  ANOTHER check in the box for the new year!

Please check back... Daily!  I will be posting my 365 project here!  Take a second to peek into who I am!  I will also be posting some client sessions, tips for photography that have helped along the way, a recipe?, an art project?.... you just never know!  I have high hopes that this blog will be not only photography related.  I would like to reach out to so many and share more about myself... not just my photos!  

Happy New year 2014!!  LET'S GET STARTED!!!  Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss anything and you can always leave comments on things you may want me to post more about!