365 - Day 7 - Tattered & Torn

This topic could have easily been anything in a day!  My kids ruin at least 100 things a day!  But they are 1yr & 2yr old boys.... so I'm crossing fingers its a phase?!  If not they will have successful futures on a wrecking ball crew!  

Today's pic is from this past fathers day!  The children take their dad to monster trucks every fathers day.  They truly believe this is what HE wants for fathers day!  Every year my husband (bless his heart) goes along with them and enjoys every moment!  Maybe this IS what he wants for fathers day?!  

Can't wait to surprise them next month... my husband is taking us to monster jam for valentines day!  Cause he believes this is what I want for our romantic day!! (see how this has come back around to bite me?!)  Guess I will get my "good sport face" on!  GO GRAVE DIGGER! (He's a truck right?!)  

jan 22.jpg