365 - Day 9 - On a Bench

When I saw this topic I instantly thought of this picture!  This was at one of our favorite summer hangouts... Point Pleasant, NJ. Time to introduce you to my 3 oldest children!  Aiden (9), Kezwick (12), and Maggie (8).  There is no shortage in entertainment with these 3!  In fact it is down right difficult to get a serious photo of these guys!  But I guess it's the age and partly the fault of the photographer mother always having a camera in their faces!!  All three are very good students, into extra activities, and are super helpers with the 2 little ones (which you will meet in another post I'm sure!)  Nothing to complain about here!  So for that, get up "on a bench" and give me your "best" pose!!!  Obviously they are horribly camera shy as well!  (They will probably be mortified that I have wrote a blog about them!) 

jan 24.jpg