365 - Day 10 First Love

Welcome to February... the month of love I guess as I look over my list for what is to come!  What comes to mind of your first love?  Your husband/significant other? No, I should go back more... First love in school? No, I should go back more!  I think everyone's first love is their parents or care taker.  Then extended family, friends, and then of course those to die for loves you have in every grade of school!!  (well maybe not every grade but you get the picture!)

 Recently my oldest had a school project that we went back and looked at old pictures of him.  I'm going to take my first love blog about that/him.  There is no explanation for that love of holding your first baby.  The first time you realize your a mom and actually have this little life that your responsible for!  It's all overwhelming and surely doesn't come with a how to book!!  Now I must say I love all my other little ones just the same when I saw them.  But the added bonus of becoming a mom for that first time boosts him to the first love.   

Now this is not one of my photos that I took (wish I could have been that clever to photograph my own baby being born but I'm just not that savvy!) So credit for this photo goes out to my sister Holly!  Although she cut off my head and there is some object in the corner.... It's a great capture of the moment!!  It's also a disclaimer on why we should hire photographers to capture these things!!!!  Shameless plug for me I know!!