365 - Day 12 - Animal you love

I have 5... if you count 3 cats & 2 dogs.... or 10 if you add in the 5 fish... or if we counted the sea monkeys... oh boy!!!  BUT, since the animals can't read I will secretly let you all know that Mac is definitely the coolest animal we have!  (I'm sure, like my children, all will get their blog time!) 

Here are lots of pics of Mac!  It's the only way to actually tell you about him!  First, here the handsome man is!


Mac is the alpha animal in this house.  Most times putting our poor dogs in line.  I never understand, as the dogs could swallow him in one gulp!!  But when he is not keeping order, he is the snuggliest (yes I made up this word) cat ever! These are iPhone photos so quality isn't great! Just hang in there!!

feb 3.jpg
feb 3g.jpg

Mac is a lover of many holidays!  Especially Christmas and Dr Seuss day... but what cat doesn't enjoy The Cat in the Hat?!

feb 3b.jpg
feb 3c.jpg

Mac loves a great hockey game!  He totally prefers the Boston Bruins!

feb 3e.jpg

He loves to chip in and help out where ever he can!  Here he is making sure all his essentials are on a grocery list!

feb 3a.jpg

But it is no wonder that he is so helpful... He puts up the best food protest in this house by far!  (And yes, we feed him... probably way more regularly than our vet would like! In fact this is probably after he ate and he was to lazy and full to move!!)

feb 3f.jpg

Lastly, you know he is the coolest pet when others in your household start to try to be just like him!! 

feb 3d.jpg