365 - Day 14 - Drink you love

Once again a very easy topic for me!  I usually will be drinking ice tea during my day.  But that is not the drink I love!  It's usually just the drink I have.  I'm a fan of my "umbrella" type drinks.  Alcoholic or non.... doesn't matter!  So when in Hawaii I drank the BEST coconut slushy type drink ever!  It could be made to be alcoholic but at the rate I was sucking them down I would never remember being there if I drank them like that.  So for safety sake I stuck with my virgin coconut slushy drink!  (I'm sure there was a proper name for them but it escapes my mind)

This photo was taken by my husband by the pool at our hotel.  Pretty much sums up my relaxing time!  oh, and the nachos didn't hurt either!!

Feb 5.jpg